Rudolf Schad GmbH & Co. KG


About a spontaneous application for a investment of Goalkeeper training-equpment to the Eintracht Frankfurt Eagles, comes a invitation to the stadium Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt/Main in March 2015.

The Eintracht Frankfurt Eagles would invest in new Goalkeeper equipment for the Goalkeepers Kevin Trapp, Felix Wiedwald and Emil Balayev. By these meeting and discussion with Eintracht Frankfurt chief buyer Wolfgang Obst, Goalkeeper trainer Michael Kraft (Tiger), Director Hans-Dieter Schad and employee Holger Hergenröder from Rudolf Schad GmbH & Co. KG, would be spoke about the design and requirements of the equipment.

After a short production time of the prototypes of the equipment would these are testet by Goalkeeper trainer Michael Kraft in the Frankfurt stadium. These test was positive and successful.
Instantly would be placed the order by Rudolf Schad GmbH & Co. KG.
The special equipment are for the reaction time of the goalkeepers by the goal shoot training directly of the goal. By the shoot of the reaction field equipment comes it to a impact of the equipment and the football become a unforeseeable trajectory for the goalkeeper.

“It was not easy only by discuss in the meeting to know which requirement we must have about the kind of material, angle and dimensions of the reaction field and which adjustment.” so Director Hans-Dieter Schad. “But our employee Holger Hergenröder have made a very good job and was inventive.

Is was for us a great experience to see what the Eintracht Frankfurt Eagles or a other team in the german football league need for the daily training. We are happy to had the chance to become short insight informations.”

In may 2015 we delivered the final lacquered equipment in the traditional color black and red and
would now be tested in a official training by Goalkeeper no. 1 Kevin Trapp and Goalkeeper trainer Michael Kraft. “ We are all in a curious feeling to see the equipment in action. Kevin Trapp was very afraid to become the equipment for his training. The Eagles made some video analysis and spoke the goalkeeper in the training, they work very effective.”

“We as home based company are very proud to supporting the Eintracht Frankfurt Eagles and Kevin Trapp on the way for there ambitions in the german football league and his way as national goalkeeper for the german team in the future. We wish the Eagles and Kevin Trapp a great season and all the best.”so Hans-Dieter Schad, Director by Rudolf Schad GmbH & Co. KG.