Rudolf Schad GmbH & Co. KG


Basic legal conditions:

Section 22 Highway Code – Securing of cargo
Section 23 Highway Code – Other obligations of the vehicle driver
Section 30 Road Traffic Licensing Regulation – Nature of the vehicles
Section 31 Road Traffic Licensing Regulation – Responsibility for vehicle operation
Section 412 German Commercial Code – Loading and unloading

VDI Directive 2700 ff

It is possible to evaluate the necessary cargo securing measures on the basis of recognised technical regulations. The VDI directive is acknowledged as a set of regulations for the securing of cargo and is also used in jurisdiction and by regulatory authorities such as the Police and the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG).

VDI Directive 2700 ‘Securing of cargo’

This directive relates to securing on road vehicles in road freight transport. It is based on scientifically validated insights and tests which also include road trials with lorries and trailers, and which encompasses the entire system of road, vehicle, cargo securing equipment and cargo in the most frequently encountered combinations of vehicles, vehicle bases, vehicle bodies, cargos and securing equipment.

These VDI directives are the basis for our dealings in vehicle loading.

Our test criteria upon arrival of your vehicle:

1. Is your vehicle suitable for transport?

Submission of a current (not more than 1 year old) construction certificate in accordance with DIN EN 12642 – Code XL with Appendix B or a vehicle construction manufacturer’s certificate, from which it is clearly apparent that cargo products can be transported.

2. How high is the payload of the vehicle combination?

Submission of the vehicle documentation for motor vehicle and trailer. Please note that percentage overloading is not permitted!
If overloading is detected, the cargo will be checked and reduced or not loaded accordingly.

When loading your vehicle:

  • Your driver must wear the necessary personal and prescribed safety equipment (e.g. safety shoes and high-visibility jacket)
  • In principle, we position the products according to your specifications/your driver’s instructions on/in front of the vehicle.
  • Your driver must take the necessary measures to secure the cargo and the axle load distributions under his own responsibility on the basis of the VDI directives and the technical pre-requisites of his vehicle.
  • External goods are only reloaded onto the vehicle in exceptional cases and at the explicit request of the customer and under his own responsibility / at his own risk.
  • We will document the cargo-securing measures of your vehicle photographically if desired.

Refusal to load:

Should your vehicle not fulfil the legal requirements contrary to expectations and additional securing measures are not possible or not implemented by you, we shall unfortunately be obliged to refuse loading due to otherwise impending legal consequences for our company and employees.

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