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For feeding in and creating hanging loops in pieces of meat of every kind. Through our many years of experience, our quality and ongoing enhancements to the loop knotting machine originally developed by company founder Rudolf Schad, we are valued as an international, firmly established, recognised partner for expertise and customer service for the butcher’s trade and the meat industry. 

Winning features of the E85 loop-knotting machine include:

  • Powerful puncturing force through tough products such as rind, legs, etc.
  • No surface coating of the needle or risk of any residues in meat products
  • Robust and stable construction
  • Reliable and requires little maintenance
  • Certified safety
  • Easy to use and clean
  • High machine productivity
  • Option of higher needle position for thick products
  • Selection of 4 needle diameters for optimum alignment to the product
  • Global spare parts service
  • Experienced and highly trained customer service
  • Training for your staff
  • Accessory options

= Costs cut through less work and saved time!

Extra Options for the E85 Loop Knotting Machine

Our extra options provide you with a multitude of possibilities for fitting additional features to your E85 loop-knotting machine.

Choose from the following options:
A range of smoking rod attachments for hanging meat directly onto smoking skewers in lengths of 900 to 1100mm
The idea and useful, easy-to-use add-on for your smoked products.
The attachment can be fitted either on the left or right side of the machine.

‘STANDARD’ smoking rod attachment – The robust version

‘STOCKFIX’ smoking rod attachment – The budget version

DGM 20 2011 100 153.2

‘Ergonomic’ smoking rod attachment – The ergonomic roller version with/without ‘Ergonomic’ machine table

Pneumatic loop extension for longer loops, max. length 22cm Can be switched to standard, long or alternating between the two

P43 26 295.3-23

Pig’s trotter spreading device

DGM 20 2011 100 151

Binding device for fine meat products 

Good advice: Twine from Rudolf Schad

You will get the best looping results by using original Schad machine twine.
Available in different twine strengths and colours. Made of PP or natural twine. Enabling you to distinguish your products easily.


Bindfaden1.pdf (1.45MB)
Bindfaden1.pdf (1.45MB)
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Bindfaden2.pdf (2.03MB)
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Bindfaden3.pdf (2.69MB)
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Bindfaden4.pdf (2.53MB)